Our Story

Like you, we grew frustrated that good businesses were often being held back online for seemingly unknowable reasons that had nothing to do with the quality of their services, products or information...

We believe nobody should have to experience that crushing feeling, that stomach-wrenching anxiety of not knowing what they should do next.

Lighting the way

-- A simple idea, and from it an ideology grows

So we went about systematically looking to discover and log these problems that were holding websites back from reaching their full potential.

What we discovered over time, is that quite often there is a hidden factor, or several, holding sites back.

The output or results of any given area is always ruled by a limiting factor...

It happens all the time to the extent that it's been studied in academia, described in manufacturing and even intuitively we all know it...

You can have everything else done right, and be held back by a few select issues... And if you were simply able to focus on the issues that matter, you could solve the problem and unlock more growth.

That's how we wanted to help. We wanted to light the way... And so we became Pathtorch, the helping hand that helps businesses discover their "what next".

Today we focus on website intelligence, and provide our customers with strategic audits so you can get back to focusing on doing what you do best with the peace of mind that your working from a solid foundation.

Our Flagship Product

No matter what your experience or your current position, there's only one thing you really need to understand about our flagship product...

As an exciting new company with the beliefs that we possess, we would never have picked any other type of audit than our technical audit to be our flagship product...

Because a technical audit focuses on how your site works as a whole, meaning one error could affect every page on your site. And conversely one simple fix can enable growth across your websites entire ecosystem.

We always wanted to help businesses as much as possible, and our flagship product is how we continue to do so.

About The Team

We're an intentionally small team of experts from all over the world, with years of experience in both web development and SEO.

We do things a little differently, but we get results.