Lighting the path
Lighting the path
Lighting the path

The average website has

Issues 23
Errors 9
Criticals 3

Why Technical Matters

Technical Audits are the single most powerful audit you can perform for your website.

With a technical audit you can uncover issues and opportunities that can improve your Search Engine Rankings (SEO Results), Site Security, Loading Times and even Conversions.

Our technical audit is the leading industry technical audit, shedding light on the problems that is holding back everything from SEO to Sales.

We don't just future-proof your site, we unlock the full potential of your website here and now.

Lighting the path

We identify the real issues that are holding your site back...

We've spent years collecting data to find what the real technical issues are that can make the difference between sites that thrive, and sites that don't.

We check for over 150+ technical items, many of which we have identified ourselves...

Some of which include;

  • Structured Data/Schema
  • Site Architecture
  • Code Integrity
  • Site Speed
  • Crawlability

Kevin Espiritu,

Epic Gardening

"The audit surfaced some technical SEO issues that helped me solidify my site structure, as well as build a stronger overall site for the long-term vision I'm planning. It's these little 1% improvements that make all the difference.

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How It Works

We believe your technical audit should be crafted with care and attention. Every error identified, every solution forged with technical prowess.

We check every template and area of your site, and we take this attention to detail and then blend it with our own cutting-edge tools to help us identify any systemic issues that may be harming your site.

Lastly, after analysis has won the day, we couple your personalized report with the best customer care in the business to help you get the most out of your audit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Check For In Your Technical Audit?

For a purely Technical Audit we check a lot of factors, just over 150 in fact... Some factors are well-known, and others have been newly discovered by our team. Our approach is data-driven and so we only check for issues and errors that we have verified via our own testing to actually make a difference to SEO Results, Security, Conversions, Accessibility, Code Quality or Site Speed.

What's The Difference Between A Technical & An On-Page Audit?

A Technical Audit checks for issues and errors that effect your entire site, including errors in the setup of your site that might only occur on singular posts or pages. An On-Page Audit checks for issues and errors that only effect a singular post or page.

Technical audits by their very nature are able to improve results across an entire site, whereas an On-Page Audit will generally only improve results of itself, and in some cases linked pages.

Do You Report On "Passed" Checks?

We don't believe in generic audits or filler content... We believe in being efficient, and are proud of our no-fluff approach. All of our suggestions are based on what our data says matters. We only report what matters, so we don't waste time reporting on what you've done well, that's just not us.

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