The average website has

Issues 23
Errors 9
Criticals 3

Identify opportunities to improve your results

Technical Audits are the single most powerful audit you can perform for your website.

They look for issues across your entire website, improving your site as a whole. We call this holistic SEO.

Our forensic approach uncovers issues and opportunities that improve your Search Engine Rankings (SEO Results), Site Security, Site Speed, and Conversions.

We don't just future-proof your site, we unlock its full-potential..

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We identify issues that unlock growth...

We've spent years collecting data to find which technical issues are holding sites back with their SEO performance. With our help you can unlock the growth to reaching the next level for your business.

Secure your future and find out whether your site is a good candidate for a technical audit. Let us take a quick look before getting back to you with a free quote.

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Kevin Espiritu,

Epic Gardening

"The audit surfaced some technical SEO issues that helped me solidify my site structure, as well as build a stronger overall site for the long-term vision I'm planning. It's these little 1% improvements that make all the difference.


We check over 250+ technical items that actually matter...

Structured Data

We check for both issues and opportunities with your sites structured data. Allow us to put you ahead of the competition with custom schema!

Site Structure

We'll check your site architecture to ensure you are getting the best results with relevance, link flow, and crawlability.

Trust Factors

The technical elements of your website are trust signals to search engines such as Google that you know what you are doing. We ensure you are compliant, secure, and set up for success.


Core Web Vitals are important for rankings but your site should be fast and performant for your users, too. Let us help tune your site up for better rankings and conversions.


Sites are more complex than ever and the traditional audit tools can't give you an idea of how crawlers and bots see your website. Our technical audit will help you uncover unknown rendering issues that hold sites back.

Server & CDN Analysis

We check to make sure that your server is worth the money you pay for it. We also check your CDN URLs and IP addresses to ensure your site isn't in a bad IP neighborhood!


As part of our manual analysis we check the functionality of your entire site. This ensures that all features are working as intended to give you peace of mind that your website generates as much revenue as possible.

How It Works

We believe your technical audit should be crafted with care and attention. Every error identified, every solution uncovered. We explain some of our process above for finding the systemic issues that are holding you back from better results.

We check every template and area of your site, using over 20 years experience building & improving websites we guarantee the most comprehensive technical SEO audit you will get.

Our customer care is the best in the business. We provide you with regular updates on how things are going, along with an hour consultation after you receive your report.

Finally, once you have implemented our recommendations, we'll provide a free "courtesy crawl" to ensure nothing has been missed or gone wrong while you made your site improvements.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is your turnaround time?

For most sites our turnaround time is 5-10 business days. We will always provide you with a timeline when you receive your quote.

Do you offer implementation?

In some cases, we can. However, we recommend you work with your own developers that specialize in your particular CMS or platform. We can help connect you with good developers to help implement any technical issues if you need the extra help.

How much does it cost?

Our technical audits start at $1,199.99 and that's the price we quote most businesses. However, we always take the requirements of every situation into consideration when providing your free quote.

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